We believe we are all called to serve

Jesus was the greatest servant there is and He has set an example for us to follow.  If you would like to be apart of the life of CLIFFLIFE and serve on a Sunday and through out the week to bring life and hope to the community we are in then let us know. We have multiple areas that make an impact, from children to hospitality, to worship and online communication. We are many members but one body.

Worship & Creative Arts

Worship isn’t primarily what we see on a Sunday morning when we sing songs. Our entire lives should be a reflection of adoration and reverence to Jesus. But there is something powerful about coming together and praising the Lord through worship music and song. If you are musical and would like to help cultivate an atmosphere where God can abide and touch lives then fill out our online serving form here.

Prayer Ministry

Anything in God cannot move forward unless we are steadfast in prayer. If you would like to be apart of our prayer team Lana O’Rourke oversees this ministry to make sure the heartbeat of CLIFFLIFE is beating solid. Jesus said, “My Temple will be called a house of prayer.

Greeting and Hospitality

The most important thing is people. If you would like to use your gifts to welcome people, prepare a place where they feel accepted, where they can belong then consider being apart of the hospitality team. The reality is though this is something all of us should be doing, but if your heart longs to be involved in this area please fill out serving online form here.

Come join the team

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